Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

words to destroy

first really only word
dirt burn on dry skin                                       in the NIGHT
moon and sweetness
shine and reflexion

so kiss my lips and splash my hips
please would you cry that you need me               TONIGHT
because I do need to believe
in someone -may be you                                          TONIGHT

first last only word
flush & embers
& mirrors and candles
spark & torch
perjury for my body
for anybody
and such a dewy-eyed Sun                                 in the NIGHT

kiss my dry and bloodless lips
crack my hips until I cry
perhaps you are the one to give me a deep dip
I start to cry
and I do not know why

last lies stammered words
treacly bitterness now
LUST no more TRUST
vainly pardon
eyesight at once
touched and dazzeled                                  in the DAYLIGHT
obloquy on your mind
I plead I can find

if you can - run
I will not follow you
I will find anotherone
dreaming of someone who could have been you TONIGHT

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